Fresh fruits – Pear kruska-buena-luisa-00 follow Good Luisa: A sizable pear in which the neck is slightly accentuated. The skin is shiny, smooth and has a greenish-yellow with pink quilt. It is harvested in September so their meat is quite juicy and sweet. This variety has a flavour a bit more acidic than other varieties. It is a variety of pear that retains quite well in the fridge.


. kruska-karmen-00 Carmen is an Italian pear variety that ripens 20-25 days earlier than the common pears. It has been developed in Italian research institute CRA, its origins date back to 1980 when it was obtained as a breed between Guyot x Bella di Giugno. In 1989, a seedling was selected by Rivalta (Italy) and then evaluated as ISF FO 80-18-69.
In 2000, after getting excellent results in different Italian areas of production of pears, an European patent werw requested under the name of “Carmen”. The patent was issued in 2006, its number is EU17843.
Carmen is following a tradition by the breeders in choosing famous opera’s names (as Tosca, Norma, Turandot, Aida, Boheme) to give a name to new fruit varieties.
xxx teen dad The tree. The tree has average vigour and is compatible to be grafted on quinces. “Production recorded in our experimental fields in the period 2000-2011 was 20% higher the Williams pears one”. Plant of high density of Carmen grafted on quince
source url Blossom. Blossoming period is medium-late (same time than Williams). The best pollinating pear varieties are Williams, Conference, Coscia.
go here Fruit. Fruit’s size is medium-large (190 gr). It is very attractive, shaped like a Kaiser pear, with a yellow and red peel (the red colour covering around a 25% of the surface).The texture of the flesh is fine, juicy, aromatic.
oral gangbangs tumblr Harvest period. In the Italian region Emilia Romagna, it is harvested in the first half of July (about 20-25 days earlier than Williams pears).


see url kruska-turandot-00Turandot Origin: Loreno Rivalta, Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura, Forlì station (Italy). Cross of Dr Guyot x Bella di Giugno, released in 2000 Proprietor: CRA, Italia. Tree: intermediate vigour and good affinity with quince, high and consistent productivity.
enter site Fruit: medium size, elongated pear shape, yellow-green skin with 10% red blush; flesh medium fine-textured, juicy and lightly aromatic. Overall: of interest for ripening date and productivity; withstands handling and stores well. Suitable for growing also in northern Italy.

kate england interracial threesome personals kruska-viljamovka-00Williams

Fruit is medium to medium-large, pear look-a-like shape, weight 200-250 grams. Fruit colour is yellow-green, with small grey dots and brown spots. Flesh is yellow-white in colour, very aromatic, ripening in August. With new cold storage technology, storing is possible up to 5 months. kruska-abata-fetel-00Abata Fetel

Italy’s favorite pear, the Abate Fetel, is long, banana-shaped and noted for its sweet, fruity flavour. It is medium to large with a smooth russet over a yellow background. The flesh is white and aromatic.
The Abate Fetel (ah-BAH-tay fuh-TEL) is named after the French monk who bred it during the mid-fifteenth century.
Test your Abate Fetel for ripeness by pressing gently on the stem end with your thumb. If the fruit gives slightly, it is ready to eat. If not, leave it in a paper bag at room temperature for a few days. kruska-conferance-00Conferance

The best known of all pears, ‘Conference’ is excellent eaten as a dessert pear but also exceptional when cooked. The long bell shaped fruits with firm flesh can be eaten hard or fully ripe with a smooth juicy flavour. Trees crop late in the season from October to November, and the fruit will store until January. Enjoy ‘Conference’ pears at their best by picking them slightly under-ripe, store them in a cool place and bring indoors to ripen slowly.
Grafted onto ‘Quince A’ rootstock to produce a tree with moderate vigour and promote fruiting at an early age. These strong growing pear trees are partially self-fertile but make the ideal planting partner for another variety such as ‘Williams Bon Chretien’ to aid pollination and increase the yield. If you only have room for one pear tree then make sure that a neighbour has a tree close by that can act as a suitable pollinator. Rootstock: Quince A. Height and spread: 4m (13′). kruska-deveci-00DEVECI

Origin is Anatoliain Turkey Tree Characteristics: Trees grow in medium strength.
old man fuck hardsexicoxxx Fruit Characteristics: The fruit is big-very big, flat, wide bottom. Flowers are deep pit. Fruit surface is slightly indented thin shell, ground color yellow, rusty, sometimes sun-exposed face is pink-red. Flesh is white, crisp, juicy, slightly sweet, and the quality is moderate. Harvest time: start from first week of October.

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