Fresh fruits – Cherry

miley cyrus sex xvideos tresnja-regina-kasna-00Regina – Late

It is a kind of highly efficient. The fruit is very large, juicy, hard and alluring. Fruit colour is blackish-red colour. It is harvested in the first week of July. Pollinators; Lambert, Starks Gold varieties. tresnja-lambert-kasna-00Lambert – Late

It is a late season variety. Tree develops a strong and upright. Fruits are heart shaped and very large (7.6 g.). Fruit color is bright crimson. Flesh is firm, crisp, sweet and very good quality. Van, Merton Late and Zirat 0900 can be used as pollinators. The tree is very efficient and late flowering. Bacterial canker is sensitive. It’s transport durable,and it is a kind of high commercial value. tresnja-kordia-kasna-00Kordia – Late

America’s most important export and bigger than Bing cherries, which is hard. It is very hard textured and dark red fruit. Gaucher Bigarreau as pollinators, Regina, Karina, Lapins, Merton Late, Noble and Stella are variants. Yielding variety. Mild-flavored, delicious and sugar-acid balance is good. Regina, Kordia and Karina were very efficient when sewn together, which is capable of exporting garden is established. Due to the late blossoming Regina, Karina may even pollinator for 0900 Ziraat. tresnja-burlat-00Burlat – Early

Is an early very efficient variety. The fruit is medium-sized, juicy and firm. Fruit is bright red in colour, light colour is concealed under a large dark spots. It is resistant to cracking and bacterial diseases. Ripeness 3rd week of May. Pollinators, Van, Bing and Merton Premier varieties.



asian self live webcam tresnja-sunburst-00Sunburst – Middle/Late

Cherry ‘Sunburst’ makes an attractive tree both in flower or when laden with fruit. A slightly earlier cropping variety than ‘Stella’, from mid July this dessert variety produces large dark red, almost black cherries of the sweetest flavour. The high quality fruits store well for a short period after picking.
Grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock, to produce a compact, productive cherry tree with good sized fruits. This cherry is well suited to growing in small spaces and 60cm (2′) diameter containers, or trained against a wall. ‘Sunburst’ is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Height and spread: 2m (6′) Rootstock: Gisella 5.

tresnja-zirat-00Zirat 900 – Middle Season

Trees grow very strong and upright. It requires pollination by other varieties; Regina, Stark Gold, Lambert. Fruits large, long-stemmed, red fruit peel, flesh light red, firm, crisp and juicy. Zirat 900 is good for storage and transportation. Harvest Time vary on altitude but starts at beginning of June at elevation of 900-1000 meters, while it ripeness last week of June at altitude of 1500-2000 meters, then July-August at altitude over 2000 meters.


tresnja-herc-00Sweet Heart – Middle Season

Fruit is a kind of high efficiency. Fruits large heart-shaped hard, juicy, crispy and tasty. Fruit is bright red in colour. Resistant to cracking, is self-fertile. Fruit is good and can be used as pollinators of many types…

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