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There are few fruits that come in such a panorama of colours as the juicy sweet tasting plum. The plum season extends from May through October with the Japanese varieties first on the market from May and peaking in August followed by the European varieties in the fall. Plums belong to the Prunus genus of plants and are relatives of the peach, nectarine and almond. They are all considered “drupes,” fruits that have a hard stone pit surrounding their seeds. When plums are dried, they are known as prunes.
Health Benefits – The fresh version (plums) and the dried version (prunes) of the plant scientifically known as Prunus domestica have been the subject of repeated health research for their high content of unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These substances found in plum and prune are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants has been well-documented.
Significant Antioxidant Protection from Phenols – These damage-preventing substances are particularly effective in neutralizing a particularly destructive oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical, and they have also been shown to help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats, such as the fats that comprise a substantial portion of our brain cells or neurons, the cholesterol and triglycerides circulating in our bloodstream, or the fats that make up our cell membranes.

source site sljiva-cacanska-rana-00Čačanska Rana

It originates from the institute for fruits and viniculture in Cacak. It’s the result of crossbreeding between Vangayhime and Pozegaca. It has a lushy trunk with rare pyramidal crown. Branches in the crown are very well overgrown with burgeons. It gives fruits on the annual branches. It has a large leaf, with oval shape. Flower is large with well developed breeding organs. Fruit has a long-egg shape. Scarfskin is thin, purple-blue, on the exposed side it’s dark blue. Flash is yellow, juicy, middle firm, sweet-tart, aromatic. it contains 14,8% soluble dry matters. Ripened fruits fall easily. Stone is large, it has long oval shape, it can be separated from the flash. Stone weights 1,9 g. it ripes 7 to 8 days after Ruta, at the end of June, and the beginning of July. When fully ripened it can not be kept very long. Transportability is well. sljiva-cacanska-rana-01Čačanska ljepotica

It was made in the fruit institute in Cacak. It ripes in the end of July. Fruit is middle large, on average 30 to 40 g, it has round shape and very appealing look. It’s a plum cultivar of great quality, whose fruits are firtly designed for table production. If the fruits are well ripened a well quality “rakija” can be made.

busty babe kira adams takes a stranger to showcase us sljiva-stenlay-00Stenley

Stanley is one of the most tasteful and reliable varieties of plums. The fruit is sweet and juicy, though firm. Flesh is orange-yellow, skin is smooth, deep violet-blue. The fruit is excellent fresh as well as canned, high sugar content makes them ideal for drying.
It blooms late in the spring and is mostly self-fertile, though it benefits from a pollinator nearby. The fruit ripens at the end of September. sljiva-presenta-00Presenta

This variety is absolutely trendy since its fruits are still very firm even when fully ripe and have a sweet flavour. Due to its late ripening and suitability for long storage it prolongs the plum season. With its slowly growing healthy tree ‚Presenta‘ is a good choice for house gardens in particular. It’s been developed by cross-bread of Ortenauer‘ x ‚President‘. Tree grows medium strong loose growth with strong drooping fruit wood. Blossom early, medium early, ripeness very late, September/mid-October, after ‚Elena‘. Appearance mid-size, luminious blue, strong pruinosity. Quality firm, almost crisp fruits, can be removed easily from the stone. Taste good, similar to house plum, but with less acidity. Crop yield early onsetting, high and regular, thinning is recommended.
Special notes: late, healthy variety with rain and frost resistant blossoms as well as durable and transportable fruits; sharka (plum pox virus) resistant; only rain shortly before or during the ripening may partially effect cracking of the fruit – slackens with increasing age of the trees.

follow sljiva-topend-plus-00Topend Plus

Topend Plus’ is a high quality plum and enriches the range of late varieties due to its long harvest period and its high suitability for storage. The large fruits are especially suited for fresh consumption, the healthy tree can be cultivated without any problems. Parents are ‚Cacaks Beste‘ x ‚Valor‘. Growth medium strong growth, compact. Blossom at 1 and 2-year-old-shoots; mid-early, self-fertile, robust. Ripeness very late – end of September to mid-October; long harvest period. Appearance large fruit, steel blue, with bloom, elongated plum shaped. Quality light yellow flesh, firm, juicy, can be removed easily from the stone; hangs well on tree, fit for long storage. Taste excellent flavour, very good baking quality, crop yield high and early yield, no biennial bearing. Special notes:
fruit and tree are tolerant/resistant against sharka (plum pox virus), low susceptibility to monilia and rust, no fruit rots, no cracking, very healthy leaves and wood, colours early even if not ripe – for a good flavour harvest at the right time.


Topper is an excellent plum and brings extremely early, high and regular yields. Because of its slow growth, it is especially suitable for intensive orcharding and home gardens. It is perfectly suited for fresh consumption due to its excellent aroma. Parents are Cacak’s Beste’ x ,Auerbacher’. Growth slowly growing, blossom medium late, self-fertile, rain and frost resistant. Ripeness late, ripening with/after , Hauszwetschge’ (house plum).
Appearance mid-size to large fruit, longish plum-shaped, blue, pruinose. Quality yellow flesh, can be removed easily from the stone, firm and juicy, good storability, taste excellent, aromatic, the excellent aroma suffers from overhanging, thinning is therefore recommended. Crop yield very early onsetting, very high, regular.
Special notes: good leaf and wood healthiness, hardly susceptible to monilia, the fruit is sharka (plum pox virus) resistant; because of its high yield thinning is recommended; in some years ,Topper’ has a dispositin to twin fruits.

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